photography diary by Kay Lee

_IGP9500_IGP9498_IGP9505 _IGP9506_IGP9513_IGP9512_IGP9518_IGP9520_IGP9514_IGP9524_IGP9521_IGP9529_IGP9532_IGP9528_IGP9527Caught cold a week ago, and finally was able to get my mind and hands on retouching all the photos I took over the trip to China on early February. With much hesitation knowing I should have post it earlier. After all, it does seem a bit ridiculous posting all the early Spring photos when it’s already Summer… (or not?)

All these photos were taken at Taining, Fujian in China. I honestly didn’t pay much attention listening to all the history and all. Did absolutely nothing except taking bunch of pictures on both my camera and phone… Had very bad carsick the entire trip… and spent the last few days with skin irritation as well… 😦 But those were not the reasons I didn’t post the travel documentary earlier, I was simply enjoying the early arrival of Spring here in California with loads of blossoms and (not-0ver-heated) sunshine 🙂

Anyway, I have divided all the travel photos in few, will have them uploaded accordingly from now! So stay tuned!




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