photography diary by Kay Lee






Here are some pics that i took at the end of last year at Cachuma Lake and Los Olivos with Emi! I’ve been so addicted to both these places since last year. I went there for like more than 8 times or something, quite insane isn’t it? lol. That was also the very last time we get to hang out before she moves back home and soon in less than 10 days she’ll be flying to Japan for at least 2 years.. 😦  I’m happy for her yet quite hard to accept the fact that she’s really leaving… Oh well, (← a little American spirits there ;p) we are going to meet in Japan like we said, and we’ll go to Kyoto to take bunch of photos and soak ourselves in sake until we become alcoholic.. j/k 😀 Honestly can’t wait till the next time i go to Japan! Lots of places we have to go and chill my dear friend!

I will be posting more of the pics I took there, (which I didn’t post on my previous blog, too!) I’ve been wanting to post these pics but was all into my Takumar lens so ended up posting all those ahead of these… Anyway, have a fantastic weekend everyone ♥




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  1. March 11, 2013

    great photos )
    so pretty )

    Angela Donava

  2. March 13, 2013

    How cute are you two? 🙂

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