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_IGP7558 _IGP7586 _IGP7810_IGP7563 _IGP7574 _IGP7596 _IGP7607I started going to Los Angeles arboretum botanic garden from last April! I can’t say enough great things about this magical place! I just love it there. I love taking pictures there especially in the rain, unfortunately there hasn’t been enough rain at all here in LA since last year. But whatever, I am so very fond of my membership there, and will continue to visit there no matter what :)


_IGP2674_IGP2684_IGP2696_IGP2712I thought about updating my blog!!! Yet, I just never did… Until very recently since I’ve purchased LR the first time and I realized that there should be no more excuses! I am more than happy with the LightRoom and even more thrilled with all the new presets I bought.

I am having a lot of fun, and I aim to make it as my 2014 resolution to keep up with my blog to make it a photography portfolio for my own!

2014 has gotta be a new, fresh and a wonderful year for you, and for me!











I bet by now you all realized how much I adore this 2 places! They are literally my most favorite spots here near home  (so far). Until this post, it includes all the photos I’ve selected from my last visit to Cachuma and Los Olivos. I am most definitely going up there again in April though! Can’t wait to see what early Spring is like up there! :)

Of course along with the getting-myself-drunk-with-endless-wine-tasting-routine like every previous time I was up there! Can’t wait…. ;)

P.S Besides the love I have for Cachuma and Los Olivos. As you may probably wonder why I posted so many photos of Japanese maples… because I LOVE THEM!!! and love the latest discovery from Trader’s Joe (last year) – their crazy cute packaging gum!! Totally brilliant, i must say ♥






Always would ran into some cutest animal friends in Los Olivos! Once at the local coffee house, some other times in the tasting room/garden! They are just beyond words!

As people always say, dog is the only thing on earth that loves your more than than he loves himself.  The purest and most straightforward loyalty and unconditional love they have. You can simply see it in their eyes!

Finally Friday it is, nothing’s better than a good weather weekend! :D

Happy weekend to you all!


here’s my latest instagram update!! will continue to update my Cachuma & Los Olivos journey from tomorrow! :) Spring has officially arrived this week here in L.A! Will be going to the local botanic garden hopefully tomorrow if it’s not too hot!! :) And i’m so looking forward to visit Cachuma Lake and Los Olivos again next month… i want to stay over…….!!


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